We take a different approach to tipping at Elevenses on Scott. Customers who wish to leave a tip behind are invited to contribute to our 'Community Cup'.

The funds from the Community Cup are put to good use every day. Most often the collected funds provide nourishment to those in need through the local Foodbank, House of Friendship and Food 4 Kids Waterloo Wellington.  

Sometimes we treat customers to a coffee or sweet to turn their day around, other times we spring for parking for someone on their way to a job interview....little things that make us smile.

Throughout the year we also collect for and donate to specific campaigns such as the Heart and Stroke Month, Family and Children's Services - Tree of Hope, Ride for Dad, Wayve - Pink Shirt Day, Don Cameron Potato Night, and the Farwell4Hire campaign for Cystic Fibrosis Research. To-date your incredible contributions have put more than $1,500 back into to community! It's a really big thing that makes us smile - Thank YOU!